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Florida's Hidden Natural Gems, Lush Botanical Gardens And Stunning Beaches, It's All Here!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The sunshine state of Florida has everything you could wish for in a great escape. From world class glistening beaches, to hidden natural springs, botanical gardens and nature reserves. You can really lose yourself and be at one with the wildlife. Here are all the details of some of nature's best and some of the least discovered spots Central Florida.

Whether you'd rather lose yourself in a book lounging on a stunning beach, float down a natural spring, or take a hike in search of the perfect wildlife photograph, Central Florida really does have it all.

From sunrise to sunset, seaside to lakeside, there is something different to be discovered every day that will keep the whole family happy. We've got all the details to help you plan your next vacation, or, if you're a Florida resident, your next day out.


Kelly Park, Rock Springs Run

Natural springs, they offer a kind of tranquility you want to absorb and they really do wash away any negative energy. Here we take you on a journey to Kelly Parks Rock Springs Run.

Circle B Bar Reserve

As we got deeper into the reserve, oak trees canopied the path draping in Spanish moss and ferns. It felt like we were walking through a scene from Jurassic Park.


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Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens here in Florida are absolutely spectacular, with their tens of thousands, of exotic plants, trees and foliage, combined with water features and artwork will leave you feeling astounded. Here we take you on a tour of five botanical beauties.

Nature Parks

We love finding places where we can go WILD and lose ourselves in natural Florida and have we found some assume treasures, all these spots allow you to roam in nature either free, or under $10 a car! Here we discover 3 nature parks.

Beach Lovers Paradise

Then, of course, there are the fabulous beaches, with their silky sands and crystal clear waters. Here we are keeping it SALTY, as we give you an insight to some popular and some lessor known beaches, from the Atlantic to the Gulf coast.

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