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CELEBRITY Chef Jason Smith

Chef Jason Smith NEW Mascot Kornbred and the Country Comfort Collection.

To know Chef Jason Smith, is to love his captivating personality, vibrant outfits and ease in front of the camera that has made him a “Triple Crown” winner in the competitive kitchens of Food Network; winning Holiday Baking Championship—season 3, Holiday Baking Championship—Kids vs Adults—2016, and the ultimate title of Next Food Network Star—season 13. Jason not only wowed the judges with his expert culinary skills, he also won the heart of America with his down-home personality and colorful interpretations of Eastern Kentucky and southern jargon that can only be termed as “Jasonisms.” 

When artists Laurie and Caroline Hart teamed up with Jason there was an instant bond, both personally and creatively. "Let me say, it's an absolute dream come true, and we hope the visual connection we bring to the CHEF JASON SMITH ART COLLECTION will touch the hearts of others and bring smiles to faces" says Laurie.  

“As an artist, I feel very spending time doing what I love. I absolutely adore creating Jason’s speciality pieces of art and seeing them come to life.” Explains Caroline “and, if we can spread some happiness along the way then that is icing on the cake, pun intended.” 

The CHEF JASON SMITH ART COLLECTION offers a range of beautifully digital hand drawn prints and unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of art on wood.


Kornbred the rooster


Chef Jason Smith NEW Mascot Kornbred and the Country Comfort Collection.


Introducing Kornbred the rooster and the Country Comfort Collection! Kornbred is Chef Jason Smith's NEW loveable mascot, and Hart Art is taking him on an adventure of a lifetime. These beautifully digital hand drawn prints will have everyone talking. Kornbred puts the "COUNTRY" into every comfortable situation. 




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