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Handcrafted in Winter Haven, Florida

Caroline and Laurie Hart are imaginative souls, with a deep love of the arts,bringing their own distinctive style to every piece they create.


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About the Artists

Caroline studied art in England, taking many college courses from the history of art, portraiture, graphic design, and photography.

“My first love was always art; from the youngest age I would spend hours engrossed in any form I could put my hands on. As I got older, I revered the impressionists, I especially admired the French artist, Claude Monet. I absolutely loved visiting his exquisite house and gardens in Giverny, France, and saw for myself why he was so inspired by their outstanding beauty.” Explains Caroline.



Laurie has always had an eye for detail, her talent flourished over the past fourteen years as a professional wedding photographer, combining her creative mind, made for the perfect marriage. “I believe life isn’t about the big picture, it’s all the little pieces along the way that tell the story. I love yard sales and thrift shops, finding that piece of wood that once lived a life elsewhere and give it a new lease on life”.  The techniques I use for de stressing the wood, begins with choosing the right grit of sandpaper and work it until I’m satisfied with the aging results.” Says Laurie.


Together they hit upon the idea “HART ART” inspired by the places and things they love from life experiences. Combining their talents to create unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces of art.


The process starts with throwing ideas around for a concept, followed by Laurie sanding and prepping the wood. Before Caroline drafts the idea on wood, she hand carves each piece, giving it a very distinctive look.  Next, Laurie chooses the color palette and paints the background, Back to Caroline, as she pours passion into each creation, bringing them to life. 

 In the final steps, Laurie destresses each piece of wood, giving it an aged look, followed by the perfect finishing touches of a protective coating and twisted sisal rope, ready for hanging.  It truly is a labor of love from the Hart's.  



“HART ART” captures the atmospheric beauty in life, from nature and wildlife to scenic views where you can almost feel the breeze from the ocean, or the warmth from the sun going down on the lake. They can bring back memories of good times shared or trigger the start of a dream yet to be lived. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member, or the perfect addition to your home you can be sure of its originality.

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Commissions Taken

Let our creativity bring your idea to life, with a unique, one-of a-kind, handcrafted piece of art.

Whatever the occasion HART ART can bring inspiration to you or someone else's life.


For more info and a custom quote, please click here and fill out the contact form. 

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Artist Caroline Hart

Latest Commission piece

Titled - Goddess at Sunset

Artist Caroline Hart

Artist Caroline Hart

Commission piece

Titled - Fearless

In Studio

"We are over the moon that our creativity is touching hearts"

 Caroline & Laurie Hart