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We are Caroline and Laurie Hart, co-founders of theLexperience, our objective is to throw positive light into the world, combining our passion for writing, art, filmmaking, travel, activism and using our platform by sharing our own life experiences as well as the experiences of those who inspire us.

Caroline & Laurie Hart

Caroline: “For many years I worked in the radio industry, including London’s Capital Radio, the UK’s number one commercial radio station, it was exciting but also extremely demanding. I was ready for change and a more flexible life. My first love has always been in the arts,

I have trained as an artist, graphic designer, and photographer, now I wanted to combine all these along with my love of writing. After meeting Laurie and shifting my entire life from the UK to the USA, life opened in a whole new way. Love definitely gave me more to feel inspired about and my creativity has flourished.”


Laurie: “Having the ability to captivate an audience from the age of 15, I toured New England as a professional hula dancer. My know-how to communicate with others landed me the title “President of Civic Affairs”, chosen by my peers, receiving the prestigious award “Outstanding in Public Speaking”. From 17 years working in the medical field, co-owning a successful photography business, and standing up to the federal government of the United States to protect my human rights. I pour compassion into everything I take on; my voice is my superpower”.


Life brought us together against great odds, we are British and American binational married couple and after meeting online, falling in love, we lived a crazy life, blending our lives and families across two continents, flying bi-weekly for eighteen months! Neither of us could have made it if we did not totally believe in each other or have an enormous love for travel.

Making our decision to settle in the USA, we were suddenly thrown into the spotlight when our marriage was not recognized by the federal government of the United States, and we had to publicly fight for our civil rights or face enforced separation.


Many allies from around the world came to our defense, including celebrities, Sharon Stone, Debra Messing and Martina Navratilova,

to name just a few.

Our story went all the way to the senate judiciary committee, and we are proud to have played a part in changing a law,  eventually leading to marriage equality across the USA.



Watch STATUS UNKNOWN based on the inspiring true story of Caroline and Laurie Hart  



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“You two are an example of all that is good in this world”- A Aryeh Perez

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 “You go girls, one day we won’t have to fight” - Martina Navratilova

This gave us the opportunity to write for publications including, The Advocate, Curve Magazine and Huffington Post.  It made

us realize, by telling our story we were able to bring about positive change and want to encourage others to do the same.

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