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Carnie Wilson Makes Life A Little Sweeter!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Carnie Wilson, Love Bites by Carnie

CARNIE WILSON is a multi-talented woman! She is best known for being one third of the all-girl band Wilson Phillips, who had three No. 1 hit singles, six top 20 hits and sold over 12 million albums. Wilson is also one incredibly great baker, which we can attest too!

As well as being a highly successful musician, Wilson has also appeared in films including the huge box office hit Bridesmaids and on various TV shows, including being a regular co-host on CBS’s The Talk. When Wilson appears on The Talk you can always be sure of heartfelt advice, as she talks openly and honestly about subjects she relates too. We know firsthand how she connects to people and feels deeply about others and their personal struggles. She has been a wonderful ally to the LGBTQ community and has shared our own story in our fight for marriage equality, along with words of encouragement on many occasions, her support has helped change hearts and minds which we are extremely grateful for.

Wilson’s love of baking led her to open Love Bites by Carnie, with business partner Tiffany Miller. Love Bites is based in Portland, Oregon, where they bake delicious bite size delicacies that ship nationwide. Because of our love of Wilson and cakes, how could we resist trying some of her very own baking!

“Baking has been my passion for the past 14 years. I am thrilled to finally see my dream come true!”
~Carnie Wilson

As part of our #LovingtheExperience series, where we spotlight inspiring women, we placed our order of Lemon Crumb Cake, Peanut Butter Blondie, Red Velvet Brownie and Chocolate Chip Brownie, which arrived in Florida perfectly packaged and ready for us to devour. We invited some friends over for a tasting party. Everyone was excited to try Wilson’s cakes. As we all nibbled away, savoring each Love Bite, we all agreed on one thing, it was hard to pick a favorite out of the four we were sampling, they were all so heavenly. But pick we did, and the Lemon Crumb Cake won the day with the Peanut Butter Blondie coming in a very close second! Now it makes us want to try all the flavors and the wonderful thing about Love Bites is because they are bite sized, you don’t have to feel you’ve over indulged!!!

“I love sweet treats and creating Love Bites was a way for me to enjoy desserts without eating full-size portions of them. Moderation is a wonderful goal!” ~ Carnie Wilson.

We hope that someday we will be able to visit the Love Bites by Carnie café in person, if you would like to visit the café it is situated at 15028 SW Century Drive, #200 Sherwood, OR 97140, please check for opening times, or, you can order online by visiting Love Bites by Carnie.

Love Bites by Carnie

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