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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Melissa Etheridge, Ericka Murria and Mariska Hargitay

Don’t ever feel things aren’t possible! The impossible is possible, you just need to believe in yourself and NEVER give up! We started theLexperience with that in mind, we were plain fed up with the constant bad news and decided to kick-up the good, positive, inspiring and empowering news for women.

But where to begin? We both had some great experience in the media, mine started back in London working for the UK’s number one radio station, Capital Radio. Then, when Laurie and I had to publicly fight for our human rights, we both had pieces featured in numerous publications including The Advocate, GLAD Law and Curve Magazine. After submitting our story to The Huffington Post, Rita Wilson chose it from out of over 500 submissions for her Voices of Strength feature, then followed being a regular contributor for Huffpost.

theLexperience Founders Caroline & Laurie Hart

Our first priority was create our own logo, we wanted it to be an eye-catcher, powerfully depicting women. Then we had to build a welcoming website, all of which takes a lot of time to develop, with the website ready now we needed content.

Melissa Etheridge ~ Photo courtesy of www.melissaetheridge.com

We had to hone in on our interview skills, decide who we wanted to talk to, how would we be able to reach them, and would they want to talk to us?! If you are going to do anything you have to have conviction in yourself and believe you are good enough. We went all gung-ho and approached Melissa Etheridge for an interview, being huge fans of Melissa and knowing what an inspiration she is, both musically and personally, we were totally ecstatic when she said YES! The day she phoned was a conversation we will never forget. We picked up the phone and there was her familiar voice, “Hi, this is Melissa Etheridge.” What an incredibly friendly person she was, happy to chat in depth to us, never rushing us along, she was everything and more than we had imagined, and what a way to kick off our first interview on theLexperience. We will forever be grateful to Melissa for not only believing in us and giving us such a great opportunity but making it an experience we LOVED. Read full interview here > Melissa Rockin The Boundaries

Stacey Bess and Emily VanCamp ~ Photo courtesy of Stacey Bess

Some people just make you believe in the good of the world and Stacey Bess is one of those people. We came across Stacey’s story by watching the Hallmark movie “Beyond the Blackboard”, starring Emily VanCamp, which is about a young teacher (Bess) who overcomes her fears when teaching in a homeless shelter. After watching the movie, we knew we HAD to reach out to Stacey for an interview, she graciously agreed and what a beautiful soul she is. Stacey dreamed of being a teacher and overcame great odds to become one of the very best. She didn’t let anyone, or anything stand in her way to make sure these under-privileged children were not only educated but loved too. Read full interview here > Stacey Bess - The Love She Gave

Ericka Murria and Mariska Hargitay ~ Photo courtesy of Ericka Murria

When we met Ericka Murria, through Mariska Hargitay, we were moved beyond words. Ericka’s story was one of those featured in the multi award winning documentary “I Am Evidence”, produced by Hargitay and HBO. Ericka turned her devastating ordeal of rape into an incredible fight for social justice, her powerful voice has helped change laws and the lives of millions of women. She is absolute proof that you can overcome the very worst in life and turn it into a steppingstone to a life of inspiration. Read full interview here > I Am Ericka Murria - I Am Evidence

Carnie Wilson - Photo courtesy of www.lovebitesbycarnie.com

Carnie Wilson is best known for being one third of the all-girl band Wilson Phillips, but did you know her dream was to be a professional cakes baker? Well she has made that dream come true with “Love Bites by Carnie", she has been a wonderful ally of ours so of course we had to give her cakes a try. Carnie was delighted to read our experience and you can too, why don’t you take a bite and read more here > Carnie Wilson Makes Life A Little Sweeter

Life is about loving the experience, turn your dreams and goals into reality, learn from the setbacks, use them as steppingstones to a better future. Harness what lights up your life and go for it! It does take a lot of work and commitment but it is worth it and just like us you'll be LOVING the experience.

Our philosophy is, if we don’t like something, we don’t talk about it, simple as that. There are enough other media sites knocking people down and we don’t need to join in. We only talk about experiences and products we LOVE. If you have an inspiring story to share, or something you think we should try we want to hear from YOU, just think it could be the start of making your dream come true!

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