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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

For Joan Scheibel, the two worlds of art and music collide in the most creative way. From her designing of album covers to more recently, her Maestro series of paintings, her work is pure inspiration. We had a conversation with Joan to find out more about her life as a prominent artist.

Maestro #2 - Photo credit Joan Scheibel

Joan Scheibel is a brilliant contemporary artist, currently living and working in Los Angeles, her prominent seventeen-year career in graphic design has included owning a graphic design company, with prestigious clients such as Capitol Records and Universal Records. Joan created the cover art for Meredith Brooks’ iconic song, I’m a Bitch, before turning her focus towards a more personal expression of art. For nearly a decade Joan has pursued a fine art career, with her work gaining wide acknowledgement throughout California, New Mexico and New York.

Joan Scheibel - Photo credit Joan Scheibel

When did you first discover your love for art and what was your first masterpiece?

Joan: “From the time I can remember I was always drawing or painting….it all started with crayons. Coloring books were the best. The first painting I ever sold was an Acrylic painting of a horse. I was a freshman in high school and there was student show at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Our art class from our high school was chosen to participate. A woman bought that painting and sent me a card saying how talented she thought I was and that she thought I was going to be a great artist. So, I guess that was my first masterpiece. It was a great and unexpected moment.”

Who or what inspires you in your life and in your creative process?

Joan: “Everything and Everybody! That is a given. As far as Painters I love, and I am inspired by are, Cy Twombly and Andy Warhol. But let’s just talk about David Bowie. A true artist in every creative platform you can imagine. Bowie is what I would consider a Genius of the creative world. Writer, Singer, Painter, Musician, and Actor (movies and stage) I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. I also feel Walt Disney and Jim Henson were just as great in their own right, and I get so much inspiration and happiness in the worlds they have created.”

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to overcome in your pursuit of being a professional artist?

Joan: “Trusting myself and my talent. It is a very vulnerable place, and you can feel very exposed. Being able to accept criticism, praise, etc. You are actually putting yourself and your expression out for all to see. Almost like an actor going to audition after audition. That can be hard. But you just have to keep one foot in front of the other and keep going. Some people will love you and what you are doing, and some will not. There is no right or wrong or text book template. It is all your process and your formula. Stay strong and confident. I incorporate my life’s experiences in my work, and I hope that gives people inspiration and joy.”

Can people commission a painting by you and if so what is the process?

Joan: “Yes. We would discuss the subject matter, colors, size etc. Get as much information of their vision of the painting they have inside their head. Very different than someone buying a completed painting. Commissions are great because you really work with your client, creating their painting. It is a very fun and interesting process. It becomes a collaboration.”

During your career what has been the most exciting moment for you?

Joan: “My very first show about 7 years ago. At that show selling mostly every painting! That was truly an amazing moment and turn in my career to continue to do what I was doing. Moving people with my art and what I was saying thru my art.”

What advice would you give anyone who dreams of being a professional artist?

Joan: “Just do it because you love it and have passion. Sometimes it’s not a choice. That’s a professional.”

How do you feel about the new age of digital art and how do you think it compares to paint on a canvas?

Joan: “You really can’t compare the two. Each have their place. I was a graphic designer most of my professional career and had my own company for 20 years. I love the art of graphics and digital art, but I really think nothing compares to the organic touch and feel of paint and canvas. You really get your hands dirty! But both equally important and beautiful. I still use a day runner, so I am old school in some ways. It is like my diary where I write everything happening that day. I can look back 10 years and see what I was doing…don’t get that feel with any digital process like that.” If you could choose any artist, living or dead, to spend a day with who would you choose and why?

Joan: “I think from my previous answer you can bet it would be David Bowie. If I could be half of what he was, I would truly feel like a satisfied artist. Brilliant.” When you travel do you take your paints or a sketch book with you, if so where has been the most inspiring place you have visited and why?

Joan: “I really love to travel. Anywhere and anytime truly! So everywhere I go is inspiring. New York is one of my most favorite places to visit and spend time. I tell my mom I think I was born on the wrong coast. I feel at home in NY. I do not take paints or sketch books. I take pictures with my phone and that is where I gather my images to paint. I love my studio in Los Angeles, and that is where I love to work.”

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one movie, one song and one type of food what would they be?

Joan: “Movie: The Wizard Of Oz Song: Under Pressure Food: Any kind of Pasta.”

What is your favorite inspiring quote?

Joan: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible!” — Audrey Hepburn

Photo credit - theLexperience

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