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Last night Ayla wooed a record breaking crowd in her hometown of Wrentham. It was the prefect night for a concert, fan goers filled the common and excited chatter circulated the air. If you haven't had the chance to see Ayla perform live, take it from us, you're missing out! When you think of a great performer, it's not only the voice, it's the charisma that makes them a fabulous entertainer and Ayla is all that! After her hour and a half riveting performance, Ayla was gracious as she took the time to speak with her fans, sign autographs and of course pose for a selfie. We witnessed a true role model, for all the young girls so excited to meet her.

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

Ayla Brown has that very special talent of touching your heart with her music. She commands the stage as soon as she steps onto it, as her wonderful and powerful voice fills the air. Using her voice to help and inspire others is very important to Ayla, not only has she sung for the troops serving abroad, she has also written and recorded songs for kids with serious illnesses. Ayla Brown is an American inspiration!

When did you discover your passion to be a musician and who inspires you as an artist?

Ayla: “I grew up loving and singing all the songs to the musical “Annie,” and ALL of the Disney Movies! So, at a young age I knew I wanted to use my big voice and sing my heart out like those actors were doing. I have always been a really loud singer and when I was little my parents would make me go downstairs in the basement and “express myself.” I would sing for hours and hours, but it wasn’t until I got asked to sing a National Anthem for the King Philip High School Girls’ basketball game that I realized, “Hey, I might be good at this!”

Through your music and performing, you have supported some great charities, as well as performing for the troops in Afghanistan. Tell us about that and how it made you feel?

Ayla: “I love working with charities and some in particular have a BIG place in my heart. One of them is called Song of Love, where I help write and record personalized songs for kids with cancer or other serious illnesses. And any military charity I feel very connected to, because of the many times I’ve gotten to go overseas to sing for our troops. I think just like everyone in the world, whenever I give my heart to something, other than myself, I end up feeling really, really good.”

What has been the most exciting moment in your music career so far?

Ayla: “I have had some amazing moments in my career, but some of the favorites that stick out are my Grand Ole Opry debut in Nashville, singing the National Anthem for the New England Patriots for Monday Night Football, and singing with the Boston Pops Orchestra on July 4th. Those to me are unforgettable and I wish I could have all of those moments back, so I could relive them again.”

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

You started your own record company; how do you find the business side of the music industry as a female entrepreneur?

Ayla: “It’s challenging but rewarding. Because I own my label, that means I own all of my products, songs, pictures, etc. So that’s great because I never have to pay anyone for something that they weren’t a part of. But at the same time, it can be stressful because I’m relying on every penny that I make to reinvest in my career, because I don’t have any investors, or any other source of income besides the money that I make myself. (Pass the tip jar please!)”

What is life like in Nashville?

Ayla: “It’s beautiful, and it’s been “home” for the past eight years, but in my heart New England still feels like my real home. It’s where I constantly travel back to because the people are so amazing and supportive, and they’ve been with me since the American Idol days! I would be nothing without the encouragement of New England. But when I am home in Nashville I’m usually cleaning my house, re-packing a suitcase to leave again, or writing songs. Not the most glamorous life, but I’m my own boss so it’s pretty awesome.”

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

Performing has taken you to many places in the world. Which has been your favorite place so far, and why?

Ayla: “Oh my goodness such a hard question! I’ve been to 13 countries overseas to sing for the troops, BUT my two favorite places so far have been Spain, when I sang for the troops and South Korea for when I sang at the 2018 Winter Olympics. I would go back to those two places in a heartbeat.”

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

You are a former NCAA Basketball player, was there ever a time you considered perusing that as a career rather than being a musician?

Ayla: “When I was 10 years old my dream was to be a pilot and fly my own plane to my WNBA game, sing the National Anthem and then go out there and score 20 points. (Over-achiever!) My dreams have somewhat stayed the same because I DID get to play basketball for four years, and besides singing I’m a part-time travel agent (so I get to travel), and I get to sing almost every night of the week. I am very blessed.”

Getty Images Gail Oskin

If you could choose any musician to perform with, who would you choose?

Ayla: “This is easy, and I’ve been saying it for the past 15 years. CELINE DION! I would die if she ever asked me to sing with her.”

Are you working on any new music at the moment and what are your future aspirations?

Ayla: “I’m always writing, but until I make more money, or find another amazing corporate sponsor, I have to be smart and wait for the right time. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with New Balance. Who sponsored my “Heroes & Hometowns” CD and Texas Roadhouse who sponsored my “Let Love In” CD. So who’s next?! “

Photo courtesy of Ayla Brown

Which women inspire you and why?

Ayla: “My mom definitely inspires me because she’s done an amazing job over the years of being my mom and putting her foot down when it’s time to. But she’s also grown into being my best friend, and that bond is super special. Over her amazing TV reporter years, she’s always done a fantastic job of balancing her professional life with her personal. If I ever have kids I would like to do it with grace like she’s been able to do.”

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one movie, one song and one type of food what would they be?

Ayla: “First of all, that would never happen without my dog and my boyfriend. So Brate and Rob would have to join me to keep me company. The movie would probably be Sister Act 2 because I love all the songs in that movie. Food would be Asian noodles, and the song would be one of the many love songs Rob and I have written together, because if I’m gonna be stranding with him, we might as well love the song we’re singing!

What is your favorite inspiring quote?

“If you ask me how I want to be remembered, it is as a winner. You know what a winner is? A winner is somebody who has given his best effort, who has tried the hardest they possibly can, who has utilized every ounce of energy and strength within them to accomplish something. It doesn't mean that they accomplished it or failed, it means that they've given it their best. That's a winner.”

Walter Payton, Never Die Easy: The Autobiography of Walter Payton

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