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Publisher of CURVE and LOTL Magazines, Silke Bader, is a highly driven entrepreneur, who pours her heart and soul into creating positive social change and her success is far reaching. Her purpose in life is to make things better, from sitting on boards of various community organizations, to being on the frontlines at rallies.

Silke Bader - Photo courtesy of Silke Bader

CURVE Magazine -Photo courtesy of Silke Bader

LOTL Magazine - Photo courtesy of Silke Bader

You have played an extremely important role in providing visibility for the LGBTQ

community, particularly lesbians. What positive changes have you seen since you first became an activist?

Silke: “Yes there have been many changes, internally and externally. From Marriage Equality becoming legal in the UK, US and Australia to Same Sex adoption changes and Pride Festivals extending to the Antarctica – the last 10 years have been massive on positive visibility and acceptance for our community. There is still a lot of work to do but overall acceptance and integration to society have dominated the last 10 years. Internally, however, I see us going backwards. The colors of the rainbow are fading, fighting between community groups and an overall disengagement from members of the LGBTQI community have left many organizations struggle for survival.”

You have been listed as the 8th most powerful lesbian, by Cleo Magazine, who has inspired you most over the years and why?

Silke: “Pope Joan. (855-857) was the first woman that I remember blew my mind. Billy Jean King is also a hero of mine - both women showed strength and determination for their cause, without fail (well Pope Joan ended up being stoned to death…) But both used a great combination of intelligence and common sense to make the world a better place – regardless of the reality of their gender.”

When you travel around the world, either for work or pleasure, where do you feel most welcomed and where holds an extra special place in your heart?

Silke: “I must admit, I do love LGBT places – even I live and breath it 24/7, it still feels home when I travel with Olivia and visit Provincetown.”

If you could have a conversation with any world leader, who would you choose and why?

Silke: “Angela Merkel. She is an inspirational leader and has shown humanity and compassion like no other world leader I can think of.”

At the end of last year, Australia became the 25th country to recognize same-sex marriage, what did that mean to you and how involved were you in the process?

Silke: “This was an interesting time. As a community leader in Australia for the last 25years, I have been involved by default. We attended many rallies, published articles and donated to the cause. I have been with my partner for nearly 30 years – the right to get married wasn’t only a fight for equality but also a personal demand to the government! However, when our Government decided to hold a postal plebiscite – my first reaction was to boycott it. I thought it was the worst step towards equality – having the public vote on our rights. I decided not to boycott and not to speak up, because I felt that the majority just wanted it done – regardless of how the process was conducted. Everyone was over it. When it passed, and thousands of Australians danced in the streets (literally) I went home and kind of felt sad. The end result is of course what we wanted, I just didn’t want to take shortcuts.”

As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to any young woman wanting to start her first business?

Silke: “A dream alone doesn’t make a business successful. You need to respect budgets, adjust with the times and always keep on remembering why you started your business – are you aligning with your core mission?”

When you are not working and being a lesbian on the loose, what do you enjoy doing?

Silke: “I am also a founding member of Zambi Wildlife Retreat. I am an animal lover and I love the country. Zambi is my downtime. Only 1 hour west of Sydney on 55 acres, we have Lions, Tigers, Donkeys, Horses, Monkeys and you name it. It’s a place which we built to home retired circus and zoo animals. The only one in Australia.”

Silke Bader- Zambi Wildlife Retreat - Photo courtesy of Silke Bader

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Silke: “Champions Prioritize. Billy Jean King.”

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