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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Provincetown, affectionately known as Ptown, always offers a spectacular welcome to everyone. As soon as you enter this picture-perfect seaside town, you feel a true sense of belonging. This year they celebrated their first official Pride and we were there!

Provincetown Pride 2018 - Photo credit Dan McKeon

If you haven’t been to Ptown already, it’s time you should and if you have, it’s time to plan to go back. From the moment you walk down Commercial Street, you are greeted with glorious color and the atmosphere of not only acceptance but inclusion. This town is rich in love and steeped in LGBTQ history dating all the way back to 1798. With its sublime restaurants, b&b’s, hotels, art galleries and specialty shops, you can be certain, all doors are open to travelers from near and far, gay or straight. You will find there is so much to discover, in this artisan town, filled with Pride.

Provincetown, Massachusetts - Photo credit theLexperience

Provincetown Pride 2018 kicked off with an official Pride Ferry from Boston, on Friday June 1st, with dancing and cocktails before the first Pride installation of the Global Rainbow. Friday night ended with a celebratory Pride 2054 Evolution of Disco Dance Party.

Photo credit Dan McKeon

Photo credit Dan McKeon

On Saturday June 2nd The Shack LGBTQ Welcome Center, was officially opened. It was a vibrant affair, with town officials, organizers, friends and allies, with the raising of the flag and a snip of the ribbon, The Shack was open.

Photo credit theLexperience

Photo credit Dan McKeon

When you step inside The Shack it has an intimate feeling, offering support to both LGBTQ residents and visitors. You can find it nestled in a perfect spot, 115 Bradford Street, just across from Town Hall.

Town Hall - Photo credit theLexperience

After the opening ceremony the glittering crowd sashayed its way to Boatslip Tea, at Boatslip deck, followed by a fabulous outdoor dance party, which was blessed with perfect weather.

When in Ptown you must drop into the HRC store, where you will be greeted by Cathy Reno and her incredibly friendly team. All the merchandise sales go towards supporting the Human Rights Campaign, so grab a hat, throw on a T and where it with Pride.

There was a real buzz in the town, everyone was talking about the Global Rainbow. As we entered stores, or walked down the street people kept asking us “did you see the rainbow illumination last night?” We had seen photographs, which looked amazing and we were really excited about seeing it live.

Caroline and Laurie Hart - Photo credit theLexperience

The Global Rainbow is the spectacular work of, visual artist, Yvette Mattern, also known as The Rainbow girl. As darkness fell on Ptown a large, enthusiastic, crowd gathered on the beach for the imminent illumination. Suddenly, this incredibly powerful rainbow light soared over our heads and across the harbor, to the sound of gasps from the crowd. It felt mesmerizing, as we stood there under the beams we felt a part of something wondrous. This 120+ W power laser light projection, beaming parallel horizontal lines, creating what appears as a natural rainbow arc can be seen up to 60 KM, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Global Rainbow - Photo credit Dan McKeon

Yvette Mattern told us, “I was very proud to bring the Global Rainbow for the first Provincetown Pride. The Global Rainbow is an artwork that was inspired by seeing a life-changing natural rainbow over Walden Pond, so presenting it for the first time in Massachusetts, at the 1st Provincetown Pride was fitting and resonant.”

As we drove out of Ptown that night, with the Global Rainbow in our review mirror, we felt buoyant, after a day filled with love and positivity. We met up with old friends and made some news ones, because that’s what you do in Ptown.

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