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Chef Jason Smith with Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit

CHEF JASON SMITH and HART ART combine their talents, with his fabulously zany sayings, known as “Jasonisms”, and their creative artistry bringing them to life in a collection of art. “We literally are dancing in our socks and tutus with the excitement as we launch the Chef Jason Smith Lord Honey Art Collection” Caroline Hart, one half of the Hart Art team, explains.

Lord Honey

“Lord Honey, I’m super, super excited! I’m happier than a horse riding a spoon over the moon!” Says Chef Jason Smith about the launch of his new art line.

Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit ~ Hart Art

To know Chef Jason Smith, is to love his captivating personality, vibrant outfits, and ease in front of the camera that has made him a “Triple Crown” winner in the competitive kitchens of Food Network; winning Holiday Baking Championship—season 3, Holiday Baking Championship—Kids vs Adults—2016, and the ultimate title of Next Food Network Star—season 13. Jason not only wowed the judges with his expert culinary skills, but he also won the heart of America with his down-home personality and colorful interpretations of Eastern Kentucky and southern jargon that can only be termed as “Jasonisms.”

So, when artists Laurie and Caroline Hart came up with the creative idea to turn "Jasonisms" into one-of-a-kind pieces of art, it was a match made in heaven. "Let me say, it's an absolute dream come true, and we hope the visual connection of CHEF JASON SMITH LORD HONEY ART COLLECTION will touch the hearts of others and bring smiles to faces." Says Laurie.

Lord Honey ~ Captures some of Chef Jason Smith’s favorite things

LORD HONEY ~The collaboration came about after Chef Jason met Caroline and Laurie through mutual friends. “We did lots of Food Network binge watching during covid lockdown and was rooting for the home baker from Kentucky. He inspired us by his baking skills and over the top southern sayings.” Caroline explains “So, when we had the chance to meet him, we presented him with one of our pieces of art, depicting nuances about him, a rooster in socks, carrying bourbon, chomping on a piece of bacon, carrying a winning cupcake and being chased by a hog in a tutu.” “And he LOVED it!” Added Laurie.

“From the moment we met with Jason and went over our sketches with him, we knew this was going to be a dream team. Chef Jason Smith’s Country Bling and Hart Art bringing life to his sayings in the funniest of ways.” Caroline says “One of the cheekiest, ha ha, pieces I have ever painted in my life has to be Jason’s bottom and for anyone wondering, no, he did not pose for that!”

"Whenever we get to spend time with Jason it’s always fabulous, his high spirits are infectious and we pour all of that into each piece of art we create." Caroline says.

Hart Art started taking commissions and making one-of-a-kind pieces of art on wood in June 2021 and soon found that they had a growing customer base. Each one of their pieces of art is handcrafted on pine, carved, sketched, painted, with a detailed sanding for that distressed finish and finally sprayed with a protective coating. “It’s a full creative process.” Laurie explains “From hearing the latest Jasonism, coming up with our ideas and turning that into our style of art.”

Each piece of the Lord Honey art on wood collection is ready to hang, on the reverse side it will have the corresponding Jasonism, unique number and authentication.

“As an artist, I feel very lucky to spend all day doing what I love. I absolutely adore painting Jason’s pieces, seeing the cute and funny animals come to life and making food look delicious.” Explains Caroline “and, if we can spread some happiness along the way then that is icing on the cake, pun intended.”

Lord Honey ~ Limited Edition Print


As well as the one-of-a-kind pieces of art, Hart Art are also adding limited edition prints to the Chef Jason Smith Lord Honey Collection. “The prints are something unique to Jason’s collection.” Laurie says, “Each print is based upon the original piece of art on wood and digitally hand painted, adding a different element to the painting.”

“We wanted to add the limited edition prints to the Lord Honey Collection, so it would enable more people a chance at owning a piece of Chef Jason Smith’s authenticated art.” Caroline added. “We will be adding different prints as we finish them and each one is ready for framing."

“The wonderful thing about Chef Jason is he constantly has new sayings, and the possibilities are endless! So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all new releases of art.” Laurie says.

“Until then, I’m happier than a goat in a bikini eatin a pineapple creating this first collection!” Says Caroline.

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