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The excitement to see Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born is unmistakable. As frequent moviegoers, we can feel it every time the trailer hits the big screen, the air is filled with “I can’t wait to see that.” We will see Gaga like we’ve never seen her before, stripped of makeup and baring her soul to portray Ally – Her performance is outstanding and already getting Oscar buzz.

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A musician helps a young singer and actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

A Star Is Born is Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut and Gaga was his first pick to be “The Star.” His choice couldn’t have been more perfect. Cooper wanted Gaga to peel back her pop star mask to reveal her true self. Gaga did just that, bringing such realism to the role, as she digs into own life experiences.

“My character talks about how ugly she feels — that was real,” Gaga tells the LA Times. “I’m so insecure. I like to preach, but I don’t always practice what I preach.”

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Although there are similarities between Gaga and her character Ally, she told the LA Times – “What’s different from Ally than me is that when I wanted to become a singer, I hit the concrete running,” she says. “I was dragging my piano from dive bar to dive bar to play music. I was calling people, faking being my own manager to get gigs. I really believed in myself that I could do this and that I wasn’t going to stop until I made it. ...The truth is, when we meet Ally, she’s given up on herself. And that’s very different from me. I just wasn’t overwhelmed by the odds. The truth is, if we were not sitting here today and I hadn’t sold as many records as I have, I’d still be in a bar somewhere playing the piano and singing. It’s just who I want to be.”

Watching the trailer, you can feel the emotional connection between Gaga and Cooper, who stars alongside her as Jackson Maine. There has been much gossip that there is more than just a professional relationship between the two stars – apparently it is just that – gossip – but it does go to prove just how perfect their performances are!

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Now we must wait until October 5th for the release of the film – who’s excited?

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