Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Women inspiring women is what we are all about and it’s so important for the times we are living in. Lifting each other up, supporting one another and being glad for each others success stories! Because, with every woman’s success, we all win!

Loving the experience!

Since we launched theLexperience Official website on June 1st, we’ve been over joyed by the incredible response we’ve received and extremely grateful to the wonderful women who have taken the time to share their inspiration, from Melissa Etheridge and Judith Kasen-Windsor, to Silke Bader. Join us in reflecting upon our first fabulous month and all the women who have wowed us!

June has come and gone in a sun-drenched blaze and it has been such an exciting time. Our goal with theLexperience is to bring positive news about women, in hope to inspire other women. When you need an escape from the endless negative news, you know you can get a fix of inspiration on theLexperience. It’s been a profound experience talking to so many inspirational women, your voice is a powerful tool and these ladies sure now how to use it.

Before the launched theLexperience we were thrilled to be featured by Curve Magazine, thanks to publisher Silke Bader. Silke is an incredible activist and ally and it was an honor not only to have her support but that she gave her time to chat with us about her life’s work.

Silke Badder - Photo courtesy of Silke Balder

When we reached out to for an interview to the one and only Melissa Etheridge and she immediately said YES! As we sat at our desk and the phone rang, we picked up “Hi, it’s Melissa Etheridge”. What a way to kick off our first month! Melissa was so personable, happily chatting with us on her way to the studio, where she’s recording her upcoming album. She answered all our questions without hesitation, from her music to personal details about coming and her battle with breast cancer. Nothing was off the table and she could not have been friendlier. A couple of weeks later we saw her in concert at the Cape Cod Melody Tent, where she blew us away with her rock show.

Melissa Etheridge - Photo courtesy of

Edie Windsor, LGBTQ activist and icon, had played such an important part in our lives we wanted to feature her. Sadly, Edie passed away last year, so we got in touch with her surviving spouse, Judith Kasen-Windsor who graciously talked to us about her life and love with Edie. We felt privileged to be allowed into this very personal world and understand the magnificent work Judith is doing to carry on Edie’s legacy.

Edie Windsor - Photo credit Donna Aceto

“A conversation with” series has proved to us that at every turn there is an inspiring woman to be found, from artists like Joan Scheibel, filmmaker Jan Millar Curran, to social justice activist and GLAD honoree Ann Maguire and PaulinePratt McGrath’s heartfelt mother’s story of a transitioning child. Each conversation is filled with their generous personal insight to life.

We spent some time in Provincetown, Massachusetts. We covered their first Offcial Pride, which was a dazzling and colorful event, from start to finish. It kicked off with a Pride Ferry from Boston, followed by outdoor dance parties and the opening of The Shack LGBTQ Welcome Center. Everyone was talking about Yvette Mattern’s Global Rainbow, which was so breathtaking we did a separate feature about her and her artwork. The Global Rainbow stretched as far as the eye could see across the Provincetown harbor.

We also covered the Provincetown International Film Festival, where we were able to mingle with outstanding actors and filmmakers who were there to promote their work. Our two favs were the imitable Molly Shannon and the outstanding Chloe Grace Moretz, both brought so much to the festivals success. Molly received the Excellence in Acting Award and had us rolling in the aisle during her acceptance speech, especially when she gave us “Superstar”. Chloe received the Next Wave Award and impressed us greatly with her commitment to fighting for equal rights, she is not afraid to make a stand for what she believes in, inspiration right there!

Molly Shannon and Chloe Grace Moretz - Photos courtesy of PIFF Press Kit

Of course we also took time to visit the ladies of Roux, Ilene Mitnick and Alli Baldwin, who hosted Wasabi, Whisky, and Wild, Wild Women in Film Soiree, supporting The Provincetown Film Institute’s Women Filmmakers Initiatives.

Roux - Photo credit - Ric Ide

When we are not working and advocating for women and the LGBTQ community, we LOVE to travel. In “Travel Our Favorite Destination” series, we will be sharing our experiences with you. You’ll get an insight to the beautiful places we have visited, travel tips recommendations. We started off with Maui and this month we will be give you a taste of colorful India!

Maui - Photo credit theLexperience

Together with the support of you, our awesome audience, we can bring more inspiring women’s news to the world. Sharing our blogs helps to prove that women are achieving important things and that means you can too! You can also help by purchasing our merchandise, so we can re-invest in the promotion of our inspiring women as we are a self-supporting, two women team, spreading nothing but positivity. We are also looking for blog sponsors which will help us to provide a greater audience impact in sharing women’s news farther and wider.

July is already shaping up to be another marvelous month, we will be kicking off with the sensational American singer Ayla Brown, followed by spiritual guide Christie Hardwick.

We’re also really looking forward to talking with GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis as she spearheads a new LGBTQ call to action.

So keep sharing, keep caring and be a part of theLexperience movement!

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