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It is time to throw on your flares and feather boas, turn up your ABBA music and dance your way to the nearest movie theater to see Mamma Mia 2, written and directed by Oliver Parker.

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It is fabulously uplifting, from the moment the film starts with “I Kissed the Teacher”, performed by young Donna (Lily James) and the Dynamos (Jessica Keenan Wynn, Alexa Davies). You immediately feel your spirit rise with this brilliant opening song and dance routine and are drawn in to these young characters, as we flashback to Donna’s past.

There was never a better time for this musical romantic comedy, it is a great escape and the line wrapping its way around the movie theater, for this special screening, proved that. Every seat in the theater was taken and the audience was not disappointed, cheering and clapping as if they were attending a live show.

It was impressive to see all the original Mamma Mia cast return and marvelous to see cameo performances by ABBA’s own Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus although we saw less of Meryl Streep it was made up for by the inspired performance of Lily James, who nailed the characterization of the young Donna. The story takes you back to when Donna first decided to venture to the island of Kalokairi.

All the young characters gave outstanding performances and each one completely pulled off their elders, making them entirely believable, as we switched back and forth between their past and present lives.

We love Tanya and Rosie, portrayed by the phenomenally talented Christine Baranski and Julie Walters who play off each other so brilliantly. When Tanya and Rosie arrive back on the island and meet Fernando (Andy Garcia) for the first time, Tanya is besotted and quips, “Be still my beating vagina”, the audience was hysterical and it just kept getting better!

When Sophie’s (Amanda Seyfried) grandmother, Ruby (Cher) arrives sparks fly and this climatic scene is dynamic. Cher’s rendition of “Fernando” is dazzling and it is no wonder she is planning on bring out an album of ABBA cover songs and we can’t wait for that.

We cannot recommend this film enough, it has all the feels, you will laugh, cry and want to sing along to all the great ABBA songs and dance your way out of the theater at the end of the show, feeling everything is alright with the world. We want to GO AGAIN!

Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again in theaters July 20th

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