How We Brought The Aloha Vibe To Our Own Backyard

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Want to know how to build your own tiki bar? Well we've got all the details and before you know it, you'll be serving your favorite cocktails with a real Aloha Vibe.

Ever since our first trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, where we fell in love with the whole Aloha vibe, we dreamed of having our very own tiki bar and this year we turned that dream into reality. On an extremely limited budget and only a handful of basic tools, we set our minds on the goal of creating our perfect tiki bar.

The whole concept came about because we had honeymooned on the Big Island, celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on Maui and this year we had wanted to visit O’ahu for our 15th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, for various reasons, we can’t go. So, we decided on the next best thing, we would bring Hawaii to us. Luckily, because we live in the sunshine state of Florida, we had already started turning our courtyard into a tropical paradise, now we wanted to take it to whole new level and The Hula Lounge was born.

Why the Hula Lounge I hear you ask, well that’s because Laurie was a professional hula dancer in her younger years and toured all over New England performing with a Polynesian dance group.

Before we even began the construction Laurie wanted a logo, after lots of idea’s we were inspired by a hula girl and some cool cocktail glasses. I did the initial painting and Laurie put the finishing touches by distressing and shellacking (Laurie’s favorite word on the moment!) the wood. We made a sign for our breezeway, a tabletop, and even pieces of art to adorn the bar, now all we needed was the bar itself!

"Why the Hula Lounge", I hear you ask, well that’s because Laurie was a professional hula

On an extremely limited budget, only a handful of basic tools, no workbench and really no experience of construction work, except for watching back-to-back episodes of Hometown, we set our minds on the goal of creating our dream tiki bar. First thing was to contrive a design and work out what material’s we needed, I sketched out a rough idea, then together we worked out what wood we needed to frame up the bar. After measuring up the area we wanted the bar to fit in, we decided on a maximum size of 8’ by 4’.

Armed with our plan and list, we headed to our local DIY store, because we only have a small hatchbac