HART ART's Unique Handcrafted Art On Wood Touches Hearts Around The World

Updated: Nov 16

"Since the launch of Hart Art in June, we are blown away by how many people have embraced our one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of art. Our artwork is now hanging on the walls of homes on 3 continents and we have had such wonderful feedback from customers who love what we do and they are coming back for more!" Explains Caroline Hart.

Art & Inspiration by Hart Art

"It's always important to appreciate the good things life brings us, especially during the holiday season. We are extremely grateful to be touching hearts with our inspired artwork, knowing they make people smile each time they receive them is so rewarding." Caroline continues, "It really has always been my dream to be a fulltime artist and I absolutely love what I do."

"We are thrilled by the number of commissions we've received and totally love the challenge of coming up with our spin on someone request, we've had some really out of the box ideas." Laurie says, "From cute cats in a boat, a nurse alligator, to Alice in Wonderland watching the sisters from Hocus Pocus at the movies. The furthest one of our pieces has traveled is to Australia, a mother in England wanted a painting of her sons camper, surfboard and 2 dogs, he was absolutely delighted with his surprise delivery and they enjoyed the unwrapping together on Facetime. People have certainly found it is such a creative way give a thoughtful and unique gift."

"They loved it! James FaceTimed us this morning so we could watch them open the parcel, we could see straight away how much they loved it. Thank you for your artistic work, creating this amazing art, so pleased with their reactions. ~ Many, many thanks. Liz"

"Our largest commission so far has been a crossover between canvas and handcrafted wooden mount. This piece measures 24" x 31" and what makes it a unique is the painting on the canvas spills over onto to the wooden mount all finished off with a dusting of sand to give this fishing piece extra depth and detail. This was another mother to son gift." Caroline explains.

"Our latest additions to our Hart Art shop are our "Flowers From The Hart". These are handcrafted everlasting bouquets. We thought how much we love receiving bouquets but it is always sad when the flowers die and you have to throw them away. With our bouquets you still get the excitement of a special delivery but they will last forever. We will continue adding more bouquets to our shop, but commissions are also taken for any occasion, from birthdays and holidays, to weddings and anniversaries. Each can be personalized and make the perfect gift." Laurie explains.

Hart Art was born from the unusual combination of Caroline and Laurie's longtime love of the arts and building a tiki bar. Together they hit upon the idea of “HART ART” combining their talents to create unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces of art, with wide ranging subjects, from nature to fantastic fantasy, each in their own distinctive artistic style.

Caroline studied art in England, taking many college courses from the history of art, portraiture, to graphic design, and photography. Her art skills have also included set design for theatrical productions, as well as carnival floats and murals.

“My first love was always art; from the youngest age I would spend hours engrossed in any form I could put my hands on. As I got older, I revered the impressionists, I especially admired the French artist, Claude Monet. I absolutely loved visiting his exquisite house and gardens in Giverny, France, and saw for myself why he was so inspired by their outstanding beauty.” Explains Caroline.

Artwork by Caroline Hart

“When I was at school I would much prefer to be sketching in my rough book, rather than taking notes in the classroom. I started sketching famous people and then I found friends wanted to buy my drawings, I was only selling them for 10 pence but at that time I thought it was great. I even sent my drawings off to Princess Diana and singer/songwriter Kate Bush and, to my absolute delight, received personal replies of thanks. Now, all these years later, it is so wonderful to finally be fulfilling my dream of being a fulltime artist creating pieces of art people can fall in love with and hang in their homes.”

Laurie is an award-winning photographer and has always had an eye for detail, her outstanding work was featured on the BBC, after she was the official photographer for a humanitarian trip to India.

Faces of India - Photographs by Laurie Hart

“I believe life isn’t about the big picture, it’s all the little pieces along the way that tell the story. I love yard sales and thrift shops, finding that piece of wood that once lived a life elsewhere and give it a new lease on life”. The technique I use for de stressing the wood, begins with choosing the right grit of sandpaper and work it until I’m satisfied with the aging results.” Says Laurie.

The process starts with Laurie sanding each piece of pine and Caroline handcrafting the edges, next, they start throwing ideas around for a concept then Caroline sketches the outline and paints the original picture.

The next step Laurie destresses each piece of wood, giving it an aged look, followed by the perfect finishing touches, which in some cases involves adding sand for an extra effect. All Hart Art pieces are given a protective coating and twisted sisal rope, ready for hanging.

“With every piece we aim to capture the atmospheric beauty in life that surrounds us, from nature and wildlife, depicting creatures in their own habitat, and, in some cases, putting them in fun or fantasy settings. With our scenic views we want to take you to almost feel the breeze from the ocean, or the warmth from the sun going down on the lake. Our artwork can bring back memories of good times shared, trigger the start of a dream yet to be lived, or just simply put a smile on your face.” Says Laurie.

“It has been heartwarming how much people have been enjoying our art, we've even had people wanting to buy a pieces before they were finished. We're extremely grateful for the lovely feedback we have received from people happy with their latest purchase.” Explains Caroline.

Titled - Evening at the Lake

"Thank you Caroline and Laurie, your painting of Hartridge Landings brought new hope and lifetime peace to my heart . Forever grateful."

Heartfelt Thanks

Dianne Schmidt

Titled - Peaceful One