Celebrating P R I D E ~ How Our Love Story Helped Change A Law

Updated: Aug 25

Love is love is LOVE! We put our LOVE on the line in an effort to advocate for LGBTQ equal rights and helped change a law. Then, having done so, turned a part of our love story into a short film, STATUS UNKNOWN, and dedicated to the Queen of our hearts, LGBTQ icon, the late Edie Windsor ~ #LoveWins

Caroline and Laurie Hart ~ Love Wins

STATUS UNKNOWN, brings an important message about how LGBTQ people have been treated, what they have been through and continue to go through and how they have fought for simple rights and justice.  We may have won some legal battles but acceptance is the biggest battle and the more we can highlight that, the closer we are to achieving it.

We are extremely grateful for all the outpouring of support we have received for our impactful short film STATUS UNKNOWN, not to mention honored to have been chosen by We Are Moving Stories Carmela Baranowska as one of her most entertaining, powerful and inspiring lesbian films.

Celebrities Come Out in Support of Couples Powerful, LGBTQ Advocacy Short Film, STATUS UNKNOWN!

What people are saying about STATUS UNKNOWN: The feedback has been incredible, very positive; from people like Jason Alexander telling us “it’s beautiful and moving”, Carnie Wilson and Melissa Gilbert said it is “Powerful stuff”, Andie MacDowell said “Congrats on your efforts to educate others on equality.”

“Wow it looks like a terrific movie about a horrific issue.  If this is your story I am so sorry.  Hope we can create change.” ~Barbara Niven

“Your story is about love, your perseverance is inspiring and shows how love conquered all!!” ~Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy has been a wonderful ally for the LGBTQ community and we have been grateful for her support, from her kindness when we met in Boston, to her online advocacy.

This is our story: When Laurie and I met, back in 2005 and fell in love an ocean apart, we no idea of the journey we were about to set out on. All we knew was, we had to be together, we had to make this relationship work, despite the odds set against us!

Together at last, Caroline and Laurie Hart

Love is worth fighting for. Initially, we thought the distance was the hard part, Laurie was in Massachusetts, America and I, in West Sussex, England. With an ocean between us we fell in love across the worldwide web. After spending eight wonderful, crazy all-encompassing love packed days together in Massachusetts, we knew our love was strong enough to overcome the battles ahead.

2006, Our Wedding Day, Laurie Hart and Caroline Hart - Photo Credit Pink Photos

We had to juggle our relationship, families and work across two continents to forge our lives together. In 2006, we married in both Massachusetts and West Sussex, this made sure that both families and friends on each side of the Atlantic could not only celebrate, but witness what we had with us. Neither of us wanted to use our previous last names so we had fun deciding on a new one. As we sat on the dock at Laurie’s water front condo, overlooking the Taunton River at sunset, and, after many differing ideas, we hit upon Hart, because we both loved the American TV show Hart to Hart.

Married life was bliss with the exception of the US Federal Government. Unfortunately two marriage licenses were not enough for them. Each time I flew from London to Boston I was hauled down to immigration for intense interrogation, I’d show them my marriage certificates to prove I was legally married to an American but to no avail.

"Our marriage wasn’t recognized! Our love was not approved of!"


Story line - Facing enforced separation by the Federal Government, a bi-national lesbian couple take a public stand, proving their marriage is worth fighting for.

After years of anguish and on the brink of deportation, we were given an ultimatum. Either we fight publicly for our human rights, or I must stay in the country illegally, making it impossible to see my family in England. Of course, we chose to fight for our love and civil rights but that did come with the risk of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), knocking on our door at any moment. Soon our story took flight, celebrities, politicians, and LGBTQ advocacy groups jumped to our defense. We were amazed by the support we received and soon our love was a poster for bi-national marriage equality across the USA.


Handcrafted by two marriage equality fighters!

Titled LOVE WINS is now available for purchase in theLexperience's online shop.


Having been thrown into this world of public activism, we took it by the horns, even though at times we were shocked by the ugliness of some haters, we were always buoyed by the support of our colorful community, family and friends. Love is love is everything worth advocating for. With the wonderful help and advice from prominent people, including but not limited to, GLAD Law’s American Civil Rights Lawyer Mary Bonauto, Immigration Equality and New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, our story went all the way to the house judiciary committee, in support of Edith Windsor’s landmark DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) case.

DOMA DAY, Caroline Hart