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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

From the very first encounter with Physic Medium Lori Belché, a sense of comfort and ease overcomes you. Her warm inviting welcome and special ability to enable the trust of one’s deepest feelings, touches your soul.

Visit Psychic Medium Lori Belché at her store Enlightenings, located at 1078 Country St, Somerset, MA 02726

Tell us Lori, at what age did you know that you had a special gift? Can you explain your first encounter?

Lori Belché : "This happened at different times. I was 5 years old, when I noticed a large woman, who I have never seen before sitting in my room. I asked if she wanted to see my mother. She smiled and said, “No, just you.” Nothing unusual, except moments later wondering, how this large woman disappeared? Years later it got interesting when I pointed her out in a family album. “I remember her!” Then a heated disagreement with my mother, “You couldn’t possibly remember her, she died before you were born!”  “But she was in my room!” Then my mom got very quiet, the disagreement was over."

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Your ability to communicate with the other side must getting overwhelming at times, who do you choose to speak to?

Lori Belché : "Overwhelmed only once when constant chatter from the other side went dead quiet moments after being in an auto accident. I shocked my chiropractor when I told him, I can hear the other side again! I never choose people from the other side, they choose me."

Can you walk us through the experience one might go through when you try to reach their loved ones who has passed?

Lori Belché : "Always expect the unexpected. I can’t control who I will see and hear from the other side. Sometimes I draw portraits of whom I see. No need to ask who you want to hear from, readings are more evidential if clients don’t give too much info. But acknowledge if info understood is helpful."

What would you say to someone who’s never had a Psychic reading and is hesitant?

Lori Belché : "Sometimes they are the most fun. I enjoy seeing their amazement and after all these years I am still amazed. Relax, your whole world is about to change, enjoy the ride. “Open your mind, be enlightened” which is the tagline for our shop."

Last year one of your dreams came true when you open  Can you tell us what you offer at your shop?

Lori Belché : "Our biggest concern was, could our store survive in Somerset? Our dreams came true with a resounding yes. We offer crystals charged under a pyramid. Essential oils, incense, candles, salt lamps & CBD products. Visitors enjoy the healing effects of our multimedia Himalayan salt therapy cave. Services include readings and comprehensive training in many areas of Enlightenment. We are a place like no other."

Do you have products that you can order online?

Lori Belché : "Currently our online store offers ticket sales for our many events and popular training certification classes. We may offer retail products by the end of the year." 

What do you see in the future as a woman evolving her business?

Lori Belché : "We are witnessing, in real time, more women coming forward to produce positive change. As a woman and small business owner, I enjoy experiencing customers becoming friends and my impact on all those who enter our little world in Somerset, MA."

What’s your favorite quote?

Lori Belché : “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer 

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